March Madness: Match 3: Charlie vs. Lorenzo

Match 3 Charlie VS. Lorenzo

Hey ya'll I am so excited to be a part of Entangled Teens March Madness this year.
I need your help to get Lorenzo from Rachel Harris's book My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century to the next round. He's going up against Charlie from Love and Other Unknown Variables by Shannon Lee Alexander.
Lorenzo is the hot, 18 year old, blond, aspiring artist that dreams are made of ya'll. 
Who wouldn't fall in love with his brown chocolate eyes, and broad shoulders?
Oh mama, I know I sure did hehe

"You are an angel, a vision sent from Signore," he says, repeating the line he gave me at the marketplace. He grins and looks at the ground "When we first met, I thought you could never be more beautiful- but I was wrong." He lifts his head and warmth pools in my belly. "Tonight you shine brighter than any diamond."

But there is more than just a pretty face. He has incredible dreams and aspirations, and I find that highly attractive in a man. Plus he is smart, caring, sweet, a huge flirt, and a great dancer. He knows how to treat a lady right, and even thinks a woman's little quirks are interesting and funny. I don't know about ya'll but that little trait right there is enough to make me swoon ;)
Everything about him screams adorable right down to his Italian accent. I mean how can you not find that hot as heck? You give me a guy and then add in a great accent and *sigh 
That just ups his appeal by about 146%

“Lorenzo gently places his hands on either side of my face, lowering his head to stare directly into my eyes. His voice is barely above a whisper as he says, "Patience D'Angeli-Cat-you are my dream now.”

Plus here's a fun tidbit, did you know that Rachel had Alex Pettyfer in mind when she wrote the Italian hunk? Um hum, she even admits to having his picture plastered all over her computer for months while she wrote him. 
Just something to keep in mind hehe

She even mentions it here in a quick message she has for everyone :)

From Rachel:
Thank you to everyone who voted to get Lorenzo in this event! I have to admit, he holds a special place in my heart. Italian hottie artists tend to make me giddy ;)  Lorenzo stole my heart right along with Cat's in My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century and I'm so tickled with the attention he continues to get from readers! A fun tidbit is that I used Alex Pettyfer for my inspiration. Trust me, it was no hardship having a bunch of his pictures posted over my laptop for months (*grin*). I think my favorite scene is when Cat teaches him how to slow dance the "London way" -- that is her code word for her crazy, modern-day-isms.

You can check out the standings and results on Entangled's page here: